Situación de los inmigrantes que trabajan en las obras del Mundial de Futbol 2022 de Qatar

En el reciente informe de la Confederación Sindical Internacional (CSI) sobre las obras que se están llevando a cabo para el Mundial de Futbol 2022 de Qatar, se dice que de los 1.400.000 trabajadores que construyen estas instalaciones, han muerto al menos 1.200 obreros inmigrantes y que de seguir así, la cifra podría llegar a … [Read more…]

The Code of Conduct: whose code, whose conduct?

Warren Lancaster, MEDAIR, Chemin de la Fauvette 98, CH-1012, Lausanne, Switzerland [Document first posted 18 April 1998] Introduction There is currently considerable interest in improving the effectiveness of humanitarian assistance through the promotion of principles of good practice and codes of conduct. This paper places these initiatives, and particularly the Code of Conduct or the … [Read more…]

Two Steps Back: Relearning the Humanitarian-Military Lessons Learned in Afghanistan and Iraq

Eric James October 2003 I. Introduction The conflicts of the 1990s are often viewed as a departure from state dominated interests in favor of national or other interests and thus called “new,” “post-modern” or “residue” as distinct from the conflicts of the Cold War era. [1] The most recent conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq represent … [Read more…]

New issues in refugee research

Working Paper No. 22 International refugee aid and social change in northern Mali Stefan Sperl School of Oriental and African Studies University of London United Kingdom e-mail: July 2000 These working papers provide a means for UNHCR staff, consultants, interns and associates to publish the preliminary results of their research on refugee-related issues. The … [Read more…]

The Marriage between Humanitarian Assistance and Agricultural Interests in U.S. Overseas Aid Programs: Reconcilable Differences?

Hayley Chouinard*, Ray Huffaker**, Thomas Heckelei***, Thomas Wahl**** * Assistant Professor, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University. Senior authorship not assigned between first two authors. ** Professor, School of Economic Sciences, Washington State University. *** Professor for Economic and Agricultural Policy, Institute for Agricultural Policy, Market Research, and Economic Sociology, University of Bonn, Germany. … [Read more…]

After Kosovo: The Risks and Deficiencies of Unsanctioned Humanitarian Intervention

Jim Whitman Introduction NATO’s unsanctioned intervention in Kosovo was plainly a breach of Article 2.4 of the UN Charter.[1] The question of whether the threat and use of force in this case can be defended legally will provide further considerable substance upon which the long-running debate on whether there is a right of humanitarian intervention … [Read more…]


Marcia Byrom Hartwell D.Phil. Development Studies Queen Elizabeth House Refugee Studies Programme University of Oxford Written at LSE, MSc. Development Studies 1998 [Document first posted on 3 May 1999] Once dismissed as an irrelevant religious concept in a political world, the concept of forgiveness has begun to be increasingly associated with highly secular post … [Read more…]