Dog in Spanish – An animal or an insult?

In Spain, we don’t usually refer to a dog by its race or its role (hound, sheepdog, etc.). We usually call all dogs by their generic animal denomination, so let’s see a little bit more about how it is said in this in spanish

  • Dog in Spanish is said: Perro
    • Plural: Perros
  • For a female it would be: Perra
    • Plural: Perras

This word will put to the test something English speakers have a fairly hard time with when it comes to pronunciation, and it’s not because it’s a particularly long or difficult word. But is contains the fearsome letter “R”, which has to be pronounced sharply and clearly. So do not despair and practice until you get a perfect pronunciation!

This word may refer to the four-legged, cute and funny animal we know for being a wonderful pet and man’s best friend. But that is not the only meaning this word has in Spanish, or English for that matter, since it can also be used as an insult toward another person, or its meaning may completely change and turn into a word of admiration for someone. It all depends on the context it is said, and the way and tone in which it is uttered.

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